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Earlier this week, UFC president Dana White revealed he was in talks with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over the possibility of overturning Jon Jones’ disqualification loss to Matt Hamill ten years ago.

The reasons, White said, were because the NSAC has come along way, and the decision by the referee to hand Jones a DQ after landing some (banned) 12-6 elbows was a mistake after Jones had dominated Hamill throughout the contest.

When Hamill heard the news, he responded on social media, pointing to the illegal elbows and Jones controversial past with banned substances, and called for a rematch.

Evidently, Jones saw those comments and was left both surprised and unhappy.

The UFC light heavyweight champion went online, acknowledging Hamill’s comments and labeling his former opponent disrespectful, first writing on Hamill’s original post: “Damn Matt, the disrespect. Thought you were smarter than this. Honestly, I’ve never said a bad thing about you.”

Before continuing on his own social:

“Let’s set the record straight, definitely not looking for a rematch … Honestly, I was just blindsided. He’s a fellow upstate New York guy. Over these years I’ve always given him mad love. Funny how people are. I’m not even mad at him though, I understand it’s his claim to fame. Just wish he would have went about this a different way. It’s whatever.”

Jones faces Thiago Santos next Saturday at UFC 239.