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More details have emerged about the allegations facing Jon Jones in Albuquerque.

The UFC light heavyweight champion has been accused of battery after a cocktail waitress at a strip club went to police to say Jones had touched her inappropriately. Jones denies the charges.

In the police report obtained by MMAJunkie, the alleged victim describes Jones as asking for her to give him a lap dance, with her refusing due to a club policy. She stated Jones went on to pull her onto his lap and kiss her neck.

Following that, the accuser states Jones later approached her at the bar and put her into a rear-naked choke and picked her up, which the report describes as “Jones picked her off the ground and turned her around in the air and was roughhousing her to the point it made [redacted] now know how to feel, but felt it was like a wrestling match and nothing sexual.”

She alleges Jones went on to ‘smack’ her genitals and continue to touch her until he left the business.

The report goes on to provide various statements from the alleged victim, in which she is quoted as saying: “I just don’t want to deal with this person. I think he is a fucking piece of shit. The whole situation is so complicated and I’m not really sure what to say and this person gets away with fucking everything.”

Since the news came out this morning, Jones has made multiple statements, one through his representative and others on his social media.

“Today, the media told Mr. Jones about a false accusation launched against him and that paperwork had been sent to an incorrect address,” James Hallinan, a spokesman for Jones said. “However, after receiving the documents from the press, Mr. Jones immediately went to pay the small fee, and he, and multiple witnesses, stand ready to factually refute the malicious lies being told about him to the public.”

“I’m definitely not in any trouble my friend, don’t be so quick to believe everything you read on the Internet,” Jones posted on twitter in reply to a fan, before writing to another, “I know there’s a whole bunch of people hoping for my downfall but there’s even more who are proud of me and love seeing me do well. And screw staying inside, I love this community.. excited to keep climbing, haters going to be mad when I win in December.”

This is the latest in a long line of brushes with the law the champion has faced.

In 2012, he faced a misdemanour DWI charge after driving his Bentley into a pole. In April 2015, he infamously was involved in a hit and run that left a pregnant lady with a broken arm. Jones was subsequently stripped of his UFC title. While he avoided a jail sentence for that crime, he was given probation, that he early broke in early 2016 when he was videoed insulting a policeman after being pulled over for drag racing.