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Unsurprisingly, with news emerging yesterday that Conor McGregor had completed and signed his end of a deal to step in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, plenty of people are beginning to turn even more attention to the potential bout.

The highest profile case of an elite mixed martial artist stepping into the boxing ring to face a world class boxer, there are plenty of questions about what sort of competition this will be. While some point to the experience of Mayweather as too large an obstacle to overcome, others point to McGregor’s youth and infamous left hand as counter arguments.

For a mister Joe Rogan, he finds himself swaying back and forth on the possible outcomes to remain certain about just one thing — he’s interested in finding out.

“[McGregor’s] signed. It happened yesterday,” Rogan said on his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience. “He has signed, Floyd Mayweather has not signed, they’re negotiating the Floyd Mayweather deal.”

“It’s a good fight, in terms of seeing what the fuck happens. … First of all, Floyd’s 40, nearly 41 and he’s one of the best defensive boxers in the history of the planet. … Conor might get his ass handed to him — but he might not. Conor might tag Floyd. Conor is very good at closing distance and snapping off lead shots. That’s what he did against Nate [Diaz]. And he’s a southpaw.

“If he can just snap off one or two clean shots and make it interesting, it’ll be fun.”