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Joanne Calderwood and Jessica Eye have been gotten into it on social media after Calderwood said she’d heard Eye was really heavier than the .25-pounds she hit the scales at, and had used the towel to lower her weight.

Earlier today, Eye hit the scales for her main event tomorrow night and missed weight by at 126.25-pounds. Almost immediately, Calderwood tweeted her skepticism, saying people had told her Eye was actually 4-pounds heavy around fifteen minutes before she got on the scales. Calderwood speculated Eye may have pulled on the towel to adjust her weight as the commissioner read it.

“Was it really .25 because I’ve heard from multiple people that you were 4lbs over 15 mins before you actually weighed in. Main event spot or not if you know your not gonna make it don’t take the fight,” Calderwood tweeted.

“[You’re] comical Jo jo, you play this sweet, incident person,” Eye fired back. “You are as fake as the act you put on. Make sure to don’t play nice when see me at the UFC PI. If you don’t want to take a fight in the octagon because you scare let set up gym fight your gym right by my house.”

Check out the full back and forth below: