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When UFC president Dana White recently told the media he was looking to bring back The Ultimate Fighter reality show, he mentioned a few possible coaches we could potentially see.

Pairs like Jorge Masvidal vs. Kamaru Usman, Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (sigh) and Israel Adesanya vs. Paulo Costa were all mentioned.

Well, if White wants to see Adesanya show up and coach some up and coming fighters, it looks like he’s going to have to do so with a big bag of cash.

“Fuck no. Darren Till tried to fucking put that out there as well. Hell no. TUF is not something I’m interested in,” Adesanya said, speaking with Submission Radio. “Everyone’s got a price though — I’m just saying — but definitely not something I’m interested in because, put it this way, when Robert and Kelvin did it — Eugene does not watch the Ultimate Fighter, he doesn’t like the show, but he watched it because it tells you a lot about an individual and gives a lot away.

“And for me, I wouldn’t want to go there and decoy and give these guys that I’m trying to train some, not bullshit, I want to do my best. If I do something, I would do my best. So, I would have to show them some levels that no one’s ever seen before with the striking that Eugene has tough me, Twister has taught me, Mike has taught me, some of the wrestling trickery that Andrei has taught me.”

“You know? Nah, I don’t want to give those secrets away yetI’ve given a few away, just cause I know if I give you the blueprint I’d still whip your ass. And it’s out there. I didn’t invent none of this shit, it’s out there already, but just some of it has been lost in history, so we’ve revived it and brought it back. But yeah, nah, not for me. Not for me. But I’m saying, everybody’s got a price though. If the money talks, then maybe, but I’m not interested.”