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New UFC women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie has heard the criticisms of her UFC 208 victory, and she wants to set things right.

After two after-the-bell blows on Saturday night angered viewers — particularly when the referee decided against docking the Dutchwoman a point — and in a razor thin decision, could have cost Holly Holm (at the least) a draw. Today, in a couple of posts on Facebook (which have since been removed), de Randamie addressed the controversy and called for a rematch with Holm.

“Woke up yesterday to a lot of support and a lot of controversy,” de Randamie posted. “I should be on the highest of highs right now but after my long flight home to Holland I couldn’t stop thinking about the events that took place last night and some of the critics trying to take away what should be one of the greatest moments of my career. I want to say that I was a heated battle with lots of emotion but I AM NOT a dirty fighter.

“I have always trained to fight to the end or until the referee steps in. Never did I punch around or over the referee to deliver a cheap shot on Holly. I have nothing but respect for Holly and the UFC, and because of that I want to say right now that I think I owe it to Holly and the fans to do this fight again to make sure that the winner of this historic belt is crystal clear. Holly let’s do this again.”


“Last night was 18 years in the making not my best fight but I gave it my all. I do wanna say I’m not a dirty fighter. I respect Holly Holm to the fullest and never did I hit her intentionally after the bell. The first time the referee told me it was a clean shot and second time it was absolutely in the heat of the moment. My apologies to Holly and her camp if they think I did it intentionally because that was absolutely NOT the case.”