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If Georges St-Pierre loses upon his return to the Octagon, he’ll walk away from the sport for good.

The former welterweight champion is set to return to fighting later this year — although the circumstances of that are slightly uncertain — but be it against Michael Bisping or anyone else, St-Pierre says should he come out on the losing side of things, he’ll retire from the sport for good.

“One thing I can tell you for sure is that I’m at one fight for retiring for good, this I can tell you for sure,” St-Pierre said, speaking on The MMA Hour. “If I come back and I lose, this is it for me. If I come back and I lose, it’s finished. I still have a lot of fire. I don’t want to hang there and become a punching bag for the younger people.

“I do not believe I’m going to lose. I think I’m at my best, my trainers think I’m at my best. I put a lot on the line, and I know that if I come back it’s because I’m a much better version than what I was, and I want to go back to another shot and rewrite history. But if down the road I lose, I pass the torch, it’s over, it’s finished.

“It’s a lot of pressure and that’s why I’ll be fighting at my best because I will be fighting like there’s no tomorrow. That’s when I’m at my best, when I’m fighting like there’s no tomorrow.”