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If fans were expecting a return of a legend for their UFC 300 main event, they may be left disappointed.

At least, if the legend in question was Georges St-Pierre.

Speaking at a Q&A session at Bangtao Muay Thai gym in Thailand, the former UFC middleweight and welterweight champion was asked if he’d been approached about competing at the milestone event on April 13th.

“It’s a rumor. I’ve never been offered a fight [at UFC 300], and I’ve made that clear that I have no desire of coming back and fight in mixed martial arts,” St-Pierre said.

“I was supposed to comeback and compete in a grappling competition but because I had an injury … I’m still not recovered. There’s things I cannot do right now like, light wrestling, light grappling, I have to be very careful. I can hit pads, but I’m not fully recovered yet.”

There were talks that St-Pierre could have tussled with former rival Nick Diaz at the most recent UFC Fight Pass Invitational last month. With that scrapped through injury, St-Pierre seems uncommitted to getting back to competition until he knows how his shoulder heals up.

“For me the grappling thing was more just a fun thing,” St-Pierre said. “There’s less risk and to have the thrill of competition again. And for the fans it would be a win win situation for everybody.”