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While it remains to be seen if his mooted mixed marital arts contest with Mark Zuckerberg fight gets off the ground, Elon Musk is putting some work in on the mats. 

The SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter chief created headlines recently when he appeared to indicate that he was open to a fight with fellow Big Tech leader Zuckerberg — which a giddy Dana White indicated would probably be “the biggest fight in the history of the world.”

Now, that’s a very bold statement indeed — but if the two were to ever square off in the cage, the general assumption is that the younger Zuckerberg would have an advantage, given that he has trained consistently in MMA for the past few years while also medalling at a California BJJ tournament.

But in an apparent bid to bridge any grappling gaps between them, Musk recently accepted an offer from former UFC two-weight champion Georges St-Pierre to train alongside him — and it appears to have been a wakeup call for the 51-year-old Musk.

An image posted to social media by podcaster Lex Fridman shows a smiling Musk standing alongside St-Pierre, who is flanked by Fridman and longtime GSP trainer (and BBJ savant) John Danaher.

“Had a great training session with [Elon Musk], [Georges St-Pierre] and John Danaher last night,” Fridman tweeted late on Monday. “Everything about this was epic!”

Musk responded: “Really fun! The obvious conclusion is that I need a *lot* more training.”