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Dustin Poirier on trilogy bout with Conor McGregor: “It’ll be a completely different fight”

Dustin Poirier says he and Conor McGregor will make adjustments and their third fight will be a completely different affair from their previous two contests.

By Oscar Willis - 26 Feb 2021

Dustin Poirier believes both he and Conor McGregor will make alterations to their game plans ahead of a third fight, and it’ll look different to both of their previous contests.

Poirier and McGregor both have a victory over each other, and a trilogy contest between the pair looks likely for this summer. But while some might think Poirier now has the tactic to defeat McGregor again almost simply, Poirier himself anticipates the Irishman changing things up, and as such he’ll have to do the same.

“It’s fighting man, I don’t think you ever really [have someone’s number],” Poirier said, speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience. “He’ll make adjustments. It’ll be a completely different fight. Like the first one and the second one was different, the third one is going to be different as well. I’m going to make adjustments as well. I’m going to switch it up, keep things fresh and keep him guessing.”

As far a date, there’s been nothing confirmed, although UFC president Dana White did say it would happen in the next few months. For Poirier, he would like to see number three go ahead

“June, July. My wife’s birthday is coming up, we’re going to go somewhere for a couple days, I’m still not.. If I get the call and it’s time to go to work, I will lock myself in training camp, but I’m still not right now ready to go back to Florida a month removed from the last fight and lockdown for another ten weeks or whatever it is. We’ll see. If they call, I will do it, but I’d rather it be a little bit further. Let me enjoy my life back in Louisiana before I go right back out to Florida.”

“I’ll do it anytime, I’ll do it here.”