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When Dustin Poirier finished off a brutal main event at UFC Glendale with a spectacular win over Justin Gaethje, he cemented the biggest win of his mixed martial arts career so far. But while it not only gave him a victory over one of the toughest fighters around in Gaethje, it also put Poirier within shouting distance of a title shot. 

But, with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s next step is uncertain — although a fight with Conor McGregor seems most likely — Poirier has another name in mind should a shot at the gold not arise just yet in the form of Eddie Alvarez.

Poirier and Alvarez met once before at UFC 211, when an exciting contest was stopped short after Alvarez landed an illegal knee and the bout was ruled a no contest. Since then, Poirier has been desperate to step back into the Octagon and prove who really should have emerged victorious. Unfortunately for him, however, Alvarez has yet to find the same enthusiasm.

“[A rematch] was offered a bunch of times, man,” Poirier said on MMAFighting’s MMA Hour. “There were a bunch of cards that they offered the fight on. I accepted every time they offered it, Eddie turned it down every time. I think it was five times.”

Combine that with what Poirier perceives as a bad attitude from Alvarez, and ‘Diamond’ is desperate at seeing Alvarez in the cage one more time.

“The things that he said after our fight, just the way he acted, I tried to stand up for the man and tell the crowd stop booing him not a dirty fighter, have some respect for the man,” Poirier said. “Just way he acted after that. Saying that I was trying to milk the knee, he tweeted me “are you finally off your stool yet’ just all kinds of stuff like that that was very disrespectful. This isn’t a bar fight. You don’t knee somebody in the head and expect the guy to just keep going like it didn’t hurt. He got me pretty good with that knee, and it could have changed the outcome of fight. This is a sport. There has to be some line drawn.

“If I do not get the title shot next, it’s going to be Eddie.”