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Perhaps no other sport could feature two athletes beating the face off each other for 25 minutes immediately followed by a piece of well-meaning career advice, but according to Leon Edwards that’s what we got at UFC 263.

For 24 minutes, Edwards was mostly on top in a tough, competitive fight with UFC veteran Nate Diaz before the Edwads was caught with a Stockton slap/left straight combo which put the UK fighter on wobbly legs. Diaz poured forward in search of the fight-ending shot but was ultimately beaten by the buzzer, with Edwards escaping (mostly) unharmed and was rightly awarded the unanimous decision win.

Edwards hopes to parlay this win into a title shot which he believes would be just desserts for his extensive undefeated streak at 170-pound which extends back to late 2015. Speaking after the event, though, UFC boss Dana White again reaffirmed that Colby Covington will likely be next up for champion Kamaru Usman, leaving Edwards to contemplate things on the sidelines while he awaits his own world title opportunity.

But writing on Twitter on Monday, Edwards revealed some advice that he had been given by Diaz — who had been mostly complimentary to the Englishman for much of Fight Week.

“Nate told me after the fight ‘don’t let these motherfuckers tell you [you] ain’t shit. Name your price or they will name it for you’ and I felt that,” Edwards detailed on Twitter.

That could be seen as good advice from Diaz, one of the most popular fighters on the UFC roster and someone who has repeatedly called his own shots during his UFC tenure — and perhaps something that Edwards will now be mindful of as he travels towards his own title bout, and the money negotiations which will likely follow.