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Donald Cerrone is making no complaints about having to fight Conor McGregor at 170-pounds.

The man known as Cowboy is set to meet McGregor on January 18 in Las Vegas as the Irishman returns to action in the Octagon. While the pair are traditionally seen as lightweights, when the fight was announced, it was revealed the two would be competing at welterweights.

While both have fought at 170 before, the decision confused some fans. Despite that, Cerrone isn’t showing anything other than gratitude about the whole decision.

“He just took the edge off,” Cerrone said in the Amazon documentary series ‘More than a Cowboy’ (H/T MMAJunkie). “A lot of cutting that weight… Making it to fight week is just battling the weight cut, but now we get to go in there and have fun. Oh man. Thank you.”

Cerrone said the entire decision to hold the bout at welterweight stemmed from McGregor himself — a suggestion Cerrone was more than happy to accept.

“That was Conor’s idea,” Cerrone said. “We were already gearing up, trying to get down towards 155 and he said let’s do it at ’70 and I was like ‘done, OK’. It never mattered to me, weight never mattered to me either.

“The only problem me fighting at… when I was up at ’70, are those guys are big. Big, big. I’m like 177 right now, 178 and that’s like eating whatever I want. I think he wants to enjoy the holidays with his family and eat and drink, get in there and have fun, so I don’t blame him. Why not?”