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Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has absolutely no hard feelings about Conor McGregor’s payday for UFC 246, even if it’s as much as the $80 million the Irishman believes he’ll earn.

Earlier this week, McGregor told ESPN he felt he’d earn the windfall of cash for his contest on Saturday night, even if it was no longer the motivation for his fighting career. When asked about the figure by media today, Cerrone was far from irked at the apparent disparity in his pay, and instead congratulated McGregor for his success.

“Fucking good for you,” Cerrone said to the media (H/T MMAJunkie). “Good for you. You wanna kick Cowboy a little bit of that? Like a percentage? That’d be even cooler, but dude if that’s a real number, fucking right on man. That means I did something right, and he did something right. We’re selling a hell of a fight, right? Right on man. Good for you. Throw Cowboy a little bit of that grease when you’re done.”

Cerrone and McGregor have long been linked to a contest with each other, stemming back to a press conference back and forth some years ago. Despite the initial verbal skirmish, the two seem to have grown respect for the other, with each man paying tribute to his opponent’s skills in the lead up to their bout.