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At this point, Darren Till and Mike Perry have been linked to a contest for several years.

The two fan favourites even engaged in one of mixed martial arts’ most famous spars, with Till having mistaken Perry’s invitation for something more similar to a massage and a steam room.

Now it seems the two are ready to get down to the real thing, with the pair having gone back and forth on Instagram for weeks, with increasingly creative insults. Take this evening for instance, when Perry posted kama sutra positions to help his fans learn how to have sex better, and noted Till’s favourite was included.

It didn’t take Till long to respond, and respond he did.

The Liverpudlian fired back with a fairly succinct and to the point: “Why don’t me & this fat cunt just fight on fight island to settle our differences? He’s only a fat mess & when I smash his jaw clean off I’m gonna raw dog his bird, Fuchken MuPPet !!”

While Till has moved up to middleweight, it’s plausible Perry could head up in weight to meet his rival. Currently, Till is set to meet Robert Whittaker in August.