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Could this be a case of ‘the enemy of the enemy is my friend’, or is it just there’s something about Alexander Gustafsson’s recent outspoken attitude that is irking Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones?

Whatever it is, over the past couple of days the Swede has done the previously unthinkable and made Jones and Cormier — two of the sports fiercest rivals — agree on something. Namely, that Gustafsson should shut up.

It all started when Gustafsson announced he’d signed a new contract with the UFC, and took the opportunity to lob a small shot in Cormier’s direction, referencing the UFC light heavyweight champion’s upcoming retirement.

“While others are talking about retirement, I just signed my new deal with the @ufc today. I am grateful, excited, and I will be fighting very soon,” Gustafsson wrote.

That, unsurprisingly, brought an unimpressed response from Cormier, who pointed out that much of Gustafsson’s name value and fan respect stems from his razor thin losses to both Cormier and Jones. At the same time, Jones himself responded to comments made by Gustafsson, who claimed he’d beat Jones in a rematch in around three rounds.

But while Jones had his own insult to enjoy, he made a point to acknowledge Cormier’s work, writing “I don’t even like DC and I enjoyed this. Too funny.” To which Gustafsson simply laid back and acknowledged Jones’ most recent controversy, a failed drugs test for the steroid Turinabol.

While some might not enjoy Gustafsson’s recent tactic of speaking louder, there’s no denying it’s having an effect on the two champions he’s lost to, making rematches all the more likely.