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Dana White heard Curtis Blaydes’ pre-fight talk leading into tonight’s main event at the UFC Apex.

The UFC heavyweight had warned fans they had better not expect a stand-up battle of attrition, but rather a one-sided rag dolling for 25 minutes. And while Blaydes walked out with the victory, he did so after gassing heavily towards the end of the fight and made things seem a lot closer than he perhaps could have.

According to White, that’s not a good look.

“I like Curtis Blaydes, but Curtis Blaydes has the wrong attitude as far as I’m concerned,” White said, speaking to media after the fight. “I don’t have anything against the kid at all.. when you talk shit like he talked this week, you better come in and whoop somebody’s ass when you talk shit like that. When you talk the shit that he did and perform like he did tonight? You look stupid.

“Yeah, he won. He talked a lot of shit coming in this week. I don’t think you talk the shit he talked this week and come in and perform like that. Talking about rag-dolling people, and he’s not getting paid, and yada yada, he should be getting the title shot. He gassed out at the end of the third round, made it to the fifth and won the fight. Yeah, he won.”