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UFC president Dana White never likes to make too many public predictions, be he seems confident in saying that Conor McGregor will fight again.

White appeared on CNN in Atlanta earlier today to talk UFC 236, when the familiar topic of the Irishman — who announced he was walking away from the sport recently — arose. According to White, he and McGregor are currently in talks at the moment, and despite speculation are on good terms.

“Conor likes to be in a position where he holds the cards and he does what he wants to do,” White said. “And, you know, he and I figure out how to work together and how to make it all happen.

“Me and Conor communicate every day. We’ve been talking all this week. Things are good with Conor and I and we’ll get something figured out soon. … Just talking about possible fights, possible time to come back. He and I are actually setting up some plans right now, I’m going to Florida in the next couple of weeks, and we’re going to sit down and talk face to face.”

McGregor has been out of the Octagon since UFC 229, where he fought Khabib Nurmagomedov in the biggest mixed martial arts fight of all time.