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Dana White says the UFC have no real interest in what their competitors are doing.

The UFC are about to see a bunch of fighters, potentially ones with name value, cut from their roster in the next few weeks, giving other organisations the chance to pick up some fan favourites.

While you might assume White might second guess letting athletes like Yoel Romero leave to avoid strengthening their rivals’ rosters, but the UFC president maintains his company don’t give any consideration to what other people are doing.

“It’s not about one or two promotions,” White said, speaking to TSN. “Really, if you look at Bellator, there’s not much to be interested in. There’s much better promotions all over the world that are actually dealing in up-and-coming talent. There’s lots of great shows to watch all over the world. All you guys [the media] ever talk about is two, when there are plenty of other places … It’s like everybody keeps asking me about these fights that are going on — whether it’s the YouTube kids or other kids and all this other stuff — there’s a market for that.

“People want to see that, people are going to make money, there’s a market for that, it’s the same thing with Bellator and those other places — that’s not what I do. I’m looking for the up-and-coming best fighters in the world. And I’m looking for people that I believe could possibly someday be world champions.

“Those are the people we’re looking for.”