Dana White once nearly got into a punch-up at a ‘Wiggles’ concert

Dana White once nearly got into a punch-up at a ‘Wiggles’ concert

Dana White hasn’t been in an altercation for years, but the last time he did, it was in a weird setting.

By Oscar Willis - 14 Jun 2018

Dana White has been around fights for the better half of thirty years. Whether planning, booking or watching, the UFC president’s life and career largely revolves around people punching each other in the face.

And while he’s usually on the outside looking in, it turns out White isn’t a complete stranger to altercations himself. Even if they take place in slightly odder places than inside a cage.

“I think the last time — it didn’t get into an actual fist fight — but my last altercation was at The Wiggles,” White said, speaking on the MMARoasted Podcast. “The Wiggles concert with my kids when they were little. I think that’s the last time that actually happened.”

For those unaware, The Wiggles are a musical act for kids which you are more than welcome to add to your own search history. But. while their tunes might be enough to make parents roll their eyes, one would imagine it’s rare they leave the stage to riotous crowds like a punk band in the 1970s. Which begs the question, how exactly did the UFC president nearly get into a fight at one of their gigs?

“So me and my wife and kids were in the second row,” White explained. “And some asshole’s in the first row. So at The Wiggles, when they start singing all the kids go up in front of the stage and they can stand on the stage, they’re all dancing, jumping around and shit.

“So my kids are up there, and my wife, who’s Italian and fucking crazy about the kids — they can’t go two feet by themselves — she goes up and she’s sitting there, but there were other parents up at the front too. And this guy, I’m sitting in my seats and I’m looking, ‘Is that fucking guy yelling at my wife? I think that guy is yelling at my wife’.

“So I walk over there [and ask] what’s going on. My wife says, ‘He’s saying go sit in your seats like we’re in the fucking eight row’ — ‘Hey fuckface, we’re in the second row, we’re right behind you’. You know what I mean? So I get fucking pissed and start getting into it with this guy, and guess what this guy does, what do you think this guy does when I start getting aggressive with him? Runs and gets security.

“So wait a minute, you were just here getting into my wife’s face like a fucking tough guy, I come walking over here and you fucking run to security? That’s the last real, ‘Holy shit, my husband’s going to get into a fight’ incident I had.”

But, lucky for White’s wife, it doesn’t sound like she has many more such altercations to worry about.

“I’m 48-years old, I fight to get onto a treadmill,” White said.