Jon Jones breaks down his advantages in hypothetical Brock Lensar match-up

Jon Jones breaks down his advantages in hypothetical Brock Lensar match-up

Jones suggests that Lesnar would have a strength advantage, while he would have superior endurance.

By John Balfe - 14 Jun 2018

Jon Jones admits that Brock Lesnar would have a strength advantage should they ever meet in the octagon but suggests that his muscle endurance would far outweigh that of the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Lesnar is heavily speculated to be contemplating a return to mixed martial arts once his WWE contract expires later this summer, though any such return will have to be squared off with the United States Anti-Doping Authority (USADA) after the drug test he failed in the wake of his bout with Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

Jones is in something of a similar position too. He hasn’t fought since July of last year, a no-contest (which was previously a knockout win) against Daniel Cormier after which he drew the ire of USADA and his status is still very much undecided, though his team remain confident that he will compete in 2018.

Any bout between Lesnar and Jones would likely be a box office bonanza for the UFC but how would this potential battle go down in actuality?

When asked by a fan on Twitter to break down the intangibles, Jones said that Lensar would have the upper hand but Jones’ endurance would be superior.

As for the wrestling element, this is where it would get interest. Daniel Cormier, an Olympic standard wrestler, had trouble taking Jones down so how does he think that Lesnar, who outweight Cormier by around 40-pounds, would fare?