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When one door closes, another door opens.

With reports emerging today that Cody Garbrandt’s first title defense against TJ Dillashaw might be in jeopardy, with the champion having to travel to Germany in order to receive stem cells to help fix a long standing back injury, UFC president Dana White has revealed some interesting news.

Should Garbrandt’s title not be available, then Dillashaw fancies a shot at stopping Demetrious Johnson from breaking the all time title defense record.

“TJ Dillashaw called me this morning,” White said. “And said ‘if Cody can’t fight, what I would love to do is stop Demetrious Johnson from breaking the record’. So that’s fun. Right? And there’s something Anderson Silva might appreciate.”

And, as if to confirm the report, Dillashaw took to his social media with a pretty obvious message.