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Dan Hardy’s budding rivalry with Tyron Woodley looks like it might lead to some fisticuffs after Hardy revealed that plans are in place for the two to fight in a boxing ring — provided that Woodley signs the contract after terms had been agreed.

The two former UFC men engaged in an online war of words shortly after Woodley’s unsuccessful outing against Jake Paul several weeks ago, with Hardy accusing former welterweight champion Woodley of being gunshy throughout the eight-round fight, which Paul won by decision.

Woodley, though, was not impressed by Hardy’s criticism and has made that clear online — and speaking to Australian outlet Submission Radio, Hardy said that the war of words between the two developed into a bona-fide offer to fight each other.

And while Hardy says that he has signed his bout agreement, he says that Woodley is having second thoughts.

“No more DMs, but I will say this, my contract is signed,” Hardy said. “I know that he’s got a contract sitting in front of him and the deadline is approaching, and he doesn’t want to sign it. And I don’t know why. I don’t know what the deal is. Because terms have been agreed, money’s been agreed, date’s been agreed, rules and conditions, weight class. Everything’s been agreed. But he hasn’t yet signed the contract. So, you tell me. Tyron Woodley, why have you not signed it? The Frozen One.


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“This is exactly my point. I wasn’t even that interested in fighting him, but when I called him out for basically not fighting against Jake Paul, he started getting all upset about it. I called him out because he didn’t want to fight, and now he doesn’t want to fight. The easiest way for me to prove my point was to send him a contract, and he’s not signing it.

“I mean, yeah, I don’t know what his deal is. I think it’s time for him to just call it a day, cause whether he’s waiting around for that rematch with Jake Paul or something, I don’t know, but he’s just wasting his time at this point. He’s talked a big game, he says he wants to fight, he’s agreed, he’s gone through all the deal.”

Hardy hasn’t fought in any capacity in nine years after his UFC tenure was interrupted by the diagnosis of a rare heart condition, but has recently said that this is no longer an issue which should prevent the 39-year-old from competing. Furthermore, he says that the pressure in on Woodley to sign the deal because if it’s not done soon, Hardy has a Plan B.

“I’ve got medicals booked in on Monday, and if I don’t hear from Tyron Woodley by the end of the week, I’ll be looking elsewhere. And these medicals will clear me to fight for ONE championship as well. So, I have got that option. I am in contact with John Wayne Parr, I do want that fight, but it would be ideal to get the Woodley one out the way first because, you know, start with boxing, then go to Muay Thai, then to kickboxing, then maybe MMA, and then we’ll see where it goes. I mean, [Diego] Sanchez keeps messaging me, so there might even be a bare knuckler in there towards the end. But I’m having a big year in 2022 and I want it to start with Tyron Woodley. So, he needs to sign the contract.”