‘Of course he wants to fight me’: Daniel Cormier refutes Jon Jones’ claims that he doesn’t want trilogy fight

‘Of course he wants to fight me’: Daniel Cormier refutes Jon Jones’ claims that he doesn’t want trilogy fight

Once again, Daniel Cormier isn’t buying what Jon Jones is selling.

By John Balfe - 13 Aug 2019

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, the UFC’s heavyweight and light heavyweight champion respectively, have had their careers inextricably linked since the moment that both fighters clashed at the UFC 178 media day almost five years ago.

Two fights have followed, one a win for Jones and the other deemed a no-contest after a post-fight drug test failure, but even after spending more than 30 minutes in the cage with each other across two fights, it seems that both men will be asked about fighting each other until one or both steps away from the sport.

In Cormier’s case, that could be sooner rather than later. Speaking on the Ariel Helwani MMA Show on Monday, Cormier was tight-lipped on his future should he lose his title to former champ Stipe Miocic this weekend, but did mention that Jones and Miocic are likely the final two foes of his athletic career.

Jones, as is his wont, didn’t play along.

“I’ve been the light heavyweight champion for almost my entire MMA career, never have I moved up to challenge a heavyweight champion. I’m simply not interested in it right now, never seriously have been,” Jones wrote on social media. “I feel like the move is inevitable but as of right now, I’m dominating fights and making weight just fine. Daniels and I not reverie, but beef started at the light heavyweight division and that’s where it should end.(even though I could’ve sworn I ended this once or twice already).

“Despite what he says to the media, I will guarantee you guys there will be no third fight. No way will he lose that weight again, no way will he be willing to reface those nightmares that comes when facing the beast.”

Cormier, however, isn’t buying this.

“Of course he wants to fight me,” Cormier said. “He’s fought three times this year and I’m gonna make more this weekend than he will even if he fights again this year (lmao). O, how times have changed.”

“Ultimately, for him to make the big bucks, we have to fight each other,” Cormier explained to Helwani. “I’ve gotten to a point in my career now where the UFC takes such good care of me on the front side that I don’t have to sell another pay-per-view in my life. I want to, obviously, but I make so much money now on the frontside, it doesn’t really matter if I fight him.

“Before, I was like, ‘I need to fight Jones because I need to make money. I need to fight Jones because I need to legitimise myself.’ I don’t need to do that no more. I’m the heavyweight champ of the world, so I’ll make the determination of whether I’ll fight him or not again.”