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One day closer.

Conor McGregor continues to amp up his training in anticipation of his comeback to the cage later this year, with the latest footage filtering out of his camp (which has been exclusively obtained by TheMacLife) showcases the Dubliner doling out some extreme punishment to a very unfortunate heavy bag.

Check it out below:

Speaking earlier this year, McGregor detailed exactly what goes into effective ground and pound — one of the most common techniques seen in mixed martial arts. Whereas some fighters perhaps get a little too excited and throw flurries of inaccurate shots, McGregor said that what separates him from most of his peers is his shot selection, even in that type of scenario.

“I’ve the best ground and pound in the game,” McGregor wrote on Instagram in February. “My highest percentage of finishes does not actually come from my standing horizontal back hand, like most assume. My highest percentage of finishing wins actually come from the accuracy of my vertical punching (you are all novices vertical striking. Arm hitters. Ask ref to stop it hitters. Fall over on yourself hitters).

“I don’t miss. I do not hit arms. I do not fall in. I hit soft face, head and skull.

“It’s how you’ve seen people versus me absolutely cut up,” McGregor said. “Looking like they’ve just got a bang of a few golf balls off the tee of a driving range. Skin fully opened. Yet me, skin like butter. Many times I’ve not even messed up my hair.

“That’s why a lot of these rat bags like to hate. I’m smooth like butter with it. The richest, the baddest, the most unscathed.”