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Conor McGregor has had his say on Tony Ferguson’s rant at Wednesday’s UFC 274 press conference.

Ferguson, who faces Michael Chandler on this weekend’s fight card in Phoenix, let loose on the so-called ‘Dana White privilege’, saying that he feels that he has been strong-armed into bad positions throughout his tenure with the UFC, and even go so far as to liken the UFC and Dana White to ‘drug dealers’.

However, Conor McGregor, a once stablemate of Ferguson’s at Paradigm Sports, isn’t having it.

“Tony Ferguson, who changes representation around 4 times a year, is saying it’s someone else fault he is in the position he is in,” wrote McGregor on Twitter.

“How many bridges do you burn before you look yourself in the mirror and say ‘maybe it’s me that’s the issue’. God bless you pal, I’ll say a prayer.”

McGregor’s comments will likely add another layer of interest to this Saturday’s bout between Ferguson and Chandler, after both men have commented to the media (Chandler especially) that they are targeting a fight with the Irishman.

McGregor returned to full contact sparring last month after suffering a serious injury to his left lower leg last summer and remains on course for a return to action later this year.