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Conor McGregor has acknowledged the latest cancellation of the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson fight.

The contest had been scheduled for a fifth time to take place on April 18, and for the fifth time, it fell apart after Nurmagomedov yesterday announced his intention to withdraw in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am in shape to fight right now!” McGregor wrote. “At the beginning of all this, I said to myself – I’m happy I don’t have an official fight booked. If I did, I would have consumed all the incorrect data to support me taking part in the bout, and I would have followed through, competed. And won.

“The fact of this matter is, both Tony and Khabib were engaged in a game of chicken here towards the fight bell. With Khabib chickening out first. Making it 3-2 in pullouts in Tony’s favour. Khab scurried out of the U.S to home, and amid the crisis. Very high risk. Congrats Tony.”

What the scrapping of Ferguson vs. Khabib does for the ill-fated UFC 249 card is still unknown. UFC president Dana White has been adamant the card will go ahead in some form or another, and it’s believed Justin Gaethje has been offered to step in and meet Ferguson on short notice.