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In one of the more bizarre stories you’ll read today, Cody Garbrandt wants everyone to know — just because Jean Claude Van Damme landed a good kick on him, doesn’t mean a fight would be evenly matched.

You may remember how a story emerged recently that Van Damme had travelled to Alpha Male to help teach some of his favourite fighters some new tricks and techniques in the form of kicks. When he was showing one to former bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt, he accidentally clipped Garbrandt on the chin, enraging the 135-pounder.

A video of the incident ended up online, and Garbrandt revealed Van Damme had broken down in tears after the connection. Luckily, Garbrandt says, they’re all cool now.

“He came up and wanted to teach some kicks to the team and myself,” Garbrandt said, speaking with TMZ. “So he came out and we did a little workout with him, and he got a little heated with some kicks. He was showing the kick and it happened. They blew it out of proportion. We’re cool, I’m at his premiere tonight.”

That being said, Garbrandt revealed there might be some underlying tension about the whole issue.

“He is kind of upset that I told [everyone] he cried after he kicked me, so, ” Garbrandt said. “He did, that was the truth, but he’s a sensitive guy. He’s a good guy, he’s got good kicks.”

And if you’re under any illusion that a younger Van Damme could cause Garbrandt issues…

“I’d rip his fucking head off,” he said. “Is that a question? He’s a great guy, he’s got great kicks but it’s different [in] Hollywood to the real life thing.”