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Chris Weidman is still not happy about the loss he suffered at UFC 210 to Gegard Mousasi.

The former middleweight champion was hit with a knee that was initially regarded as illegal, only for replay’s to show that Weidman’s hand were not touching the canvas at the moment of impact. The confusion was only compounded by whether or not New York commission rules state replays can even be consulted.

Because Weidman believes he has been hard done by, he’s begun an application process with the New York State Athletic Commission, and hopes to have the fight result overturned.

“We sent in the appeal. It’s really on my managers, my trust is in them,” Weidman said, speaking on MMAFighting’s The MMA Hour. “They came up with something to send over, I looked it over, as did my wife. They sent it to New York and I think they might’ve got a reply. As for me and my hopes, to win an appeal in New York, especially it being so fresh, they are going to fight this thing to the death. At the end of the day, it doesn’t make a huge difference to me personally. I know what happened in there was chaos and not right and I was on the losing end of it. It sucks for a lot of reasons, but at the end of the day, I can’t control any of it and it’s over. I’ll just look to the future.

“Whether they make it a no contest or not, I’m not focused on it. I’ll let my management team deal with that and hopefully the right thing happens. I am not putting much time and effort into thinking about that. At the end of the day, it was a sucky situation that I was a part of and it wasn’t what I wanted to happen and I don’t think Mousasi wanted that to happen.”

But while Weidman doesn’t seem too invested in the result of the appeal, one thing he is determined in getting is a rematch with the Dutchman.

“I think I would’ve went on to dominate Mousasi and even finish him,” Weidman said. “Now, this is all my opinion and you can argue this back-and-forth and we will never know for that event. But I do want a rematch because I felt I was dominating the fight, even in the second round when he came forward and I was doing the back-pedalling and he was punching, he didn’t land anything and I was very coherent and I wasn’t rocked. The rest of the round, I mounted him and took his back.

“I know Mousasi wasn’t happy with the result, judging by him pulling down his flag and telling his coaches to stop the celebration. I know his tune changed at the press conference and he was coached into the way he was talking at that point, but his instincts were right and as a fighter you don’t want to win that way — it was a debacle.”