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Diego Sanchez has decided upon his exit strategy from the sport. The longest tenured fighter on the UFC roster has intimated recently that he will soon step away from mixed martial arts, but not before what he described as a ‘legends fight’. 

Sanchez named the likes of Conor McGregor, Demian Maia, Donald Cerrone and Dan Hardy, offering the latter the opportunity for what Sanchez described as a ‘warrior’s death’ inside the cage. Health concerns have kept Hardy out of the cage since 2012 but the Englishman has targeted one more fight before finally hanging up his gloves for good and Sanchez says that he is more than willing to accommodate him.

“If Dan Hardy wants his Combat death to be by me come on Dan just ask,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter. “I’ll give you the warriors death you desire.

“Dan if you really want it come get it my reptile eats your weak ass serpent,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

Former welterweight title challenger Hardy, though, doesn’t appear keen.

“You’re a funny guy, Diego,” Hardy responded. “I can’t help but feel bad laughing at you though, when it’s clear that you need a serious psychological evaluation. Was calling me out your own idea, or did you get help from that mystical yoga teacher guy that you keep in your pocket?”

Hardy is, of course, referencing Sanchez’s oft-maligned trainer Joshua Fabia, founder of a project called the ‘School of Self-Awareness’. Fabia has been criticised in MMA quarters by some for his unconventional coaching and cornering methods.