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The on-going coronavirus pandemic has led to a near shutdown of global sport. 

However, as numerous sports entities across the globe begin to grapple with the specifics of figuring out a method to re-introduce major sporting events in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, one seems to have it all figured out. The UFC are back in action this weekend, where they will host their first event in nearly two months in Florida and from this point on Dana White says that it will be as close to business as usual. Several more events are planned across the coming weeks, but one fighter who doesn’t look like they will be competing anytime soon is the promotion’s heavyweight champion.

Stipe Miocic, who is in active firefight in his native Ohio, has been unable to train with any sense of regularity during the pandemic due to his gym being closed and has outlined that he will not accept a fight until he is able to have a complete fight camp in preparation.

Dana White, though, doesn’t appear to like this timetable and said to Barstool Sports that the champion could “possibly” be stripped of his title if he is unable to compete.

“Listen, fights can happen right now,” White said. “You either want to fight or you don’t.”

Responding on Twitter, Miocic said that as soon as it is allowed by law he will return to training and begin preparation for a third bout with former champion Daniel Cormier — but resoundingly rejected the idea that he is ‘ducking’ opponents.

“I want to fight DC,” Miocic wrote. “It’s going to happen period. Im going to give my fans what they want to see. My management has been working on dates with UFC. Right now I’m doing what the Governor DeWine is advising and am working as a first responder. I can’t control a global pandemic.

“My head coach can’t open his gym by law right now. I don’t hold myself higher than any other person in regards to what I’m allowed to do. Ohio is under orders until May 29th. The second the gym can open, we begin camp. Plain and simple. I have never ducked anyone.

I’ve never turned down a fight, and I never will. Strap #6 coming soon.”