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Cain Velasquez has thanked the mixed martial arts community for their support while out on $1 million bail for a number of charges, including attempted murder.

Velasquez, 40, was arrested in February after allegedly discharging a firearm while in pursuit of a car which contained a person who had allegedly abused a close family member of his. He was granted bail a number of weeks ago, after which he made an appearance at a pro wrestling event after which he briefly addressed the crowd to thank them for their support — but speaking on a recent podcast, Velasquez has for the first time detailed the eight months he spent behind bars.

“My mind ran like both sides of it,” he said. “The bad side and the good side. It’s a thing, we always have to have faith, you know? It doesn’t matter what position we’re in, where we’re at. We always gotta look for the best-case scenario for us and just know that our lives are something much bigger and it’s all gonna work out for the best, always.

“They had me in protective custody. It was very low-key. Only a few people that I was able to kind of hang out with and I guess the good thing about it is you got a lot of alone time with yourself and the bad thing about it was you got a lot of alone time with yourself.

“It was crazy man… Probably the worst I’ve ever felt physically, mentally doing something… I feel like there was such a standstill, my body and my mind.”

“For eight months, just a low way of thinking, versus when you’re out there competing, it’s a different way of thinking, how your brain and your mind have to be firing so, I felt like I was probably in the worst-case scenario for myself that I’ve ever been in and I feel like I always do this, I put a lot of pressure on myself and I just wanna be ready when I go out there and you know, compete and when I did, went out there and did it dude, it was.”

But even while incarcerated, Velasquez says that he saw the support from the MMA community.

“Yeah man, I did it and I have and I just wanna thank everyone. I truly appreciate everyone’s support in all of it. It means so much to me. It gave me a lot of strength when I was in there. So, yeah dude, I feel it and I just wanna thank everybody forever for that.”