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Brian Ortega has fired back after Colby Covington criticised the choice of The Ultimate Fighter picks.

In an interview with James Lynch, Covington went off on the appointed Ortega and Alexander Volkanovski, accusing them of damaging the returning reality show, which kicks off on June 1.

“I know Hunter Campbell and Dana White probably had to go behind closed doors and be smacking themselves in the head. You don’t want those two guys as your coaches, as your comeback season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ Those guys are going to make a complete mockery of the show,” Covington said. “I mean, there’s just not entertainment factor there, you know? Those guys, yeah, they’re decent fighters – but for the little-weights, the little midgets, they don’t sell.

“There’s no controversy. There’s no drama. There’s no nothing. There’s no storyline. I feel bad for the show. I wish I could’ve come back to the show and give the people what they want. ”

In response, Ortega took to his social media to share a confused stance on Covington’s comments.

“Idk why @ColbyCovMMA hating the TUF show was yours bro I didn’t even fucken want it,” Ortega wrote on his twitter. “@GamebredFighter left to fight and you got assed out. My fight fell through and we got the call to get it. I didn’t call anyone bout the show they hit me up. Now I’m glad you ain’t get it Bitch”

Ortega’s referring to the talks that, prior to Masvidal’s rematch with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, the UFC were in talks with both ‘Gamebred’ and Covington about putting the pair on the show as coaches.