Ben Askren asks why the UFC have yet to announce his signing

Ben Askren asks why the UFC have yet to announce his signing

One of the world’s top welterweights has signed with the UFC. So why haven’t they announced it yet?

By John Balfe - 30 Oct 2018

The recent trade between the UFC and ONE Championship which saw longtime pound-for-pound great Demetrious Johnson and undefeated middleweight Ben Askren swap their career is one of the biggest stories to develop this year, as it opens up a whole new can of worms as to how the different entities in the sport of mixed martial arts will co-exist.

ONE have already announced the arrival of ‘Mighty Mouse’, who incidentally will fight at 135-pounds in his new home, but the UFC hasn’t yet done the same for their newest addition to their welterweight roster — something which Askren has openly questioned today.

“Hey UFC are you going to make an announcement?” Askren asked on Twitter. “You are like that guy with a GF who’s embarrassed to tell his buddies even when everyone knows!”

The details of Askren’s debut still remain unknown. It wouldn’t be unusual for a fighter of his caliber to be awarded an immediate title shot in his first bout for his new company but a longstanding friendship with current champion Tyron Woodley has ruled that out.

Instead, names like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre are being mooted with the latter, in this writer’s opinion, being the most mouth-watering of the bunch.

Dana White appears to have not made any immediate decisions. He told TMZ: “Obviously, he’s gonna come into the welterweight division. 170 pounds. He’s undefeated, he’s their champion. So we’re excited about it. He’s definitely gonna fight somebody in the top five.”