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Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington are long time friends and long time training partners, who have both helped each other forge the iron required to make it to the top of the UFC.

But with title opportunities lurking on the horizon for both men, the time for showing each other tricks appears to be over.

While both men still train at Florida’s American Top Team, owner Dan Lambert has revealed the pair no longer work with each other at the facility, and instead are aiming to keep as separate as possible as their careers seem to be getting closer and closer to collision.

“No. Jorge and Colby aren’t training together anymore. They are in the gym together at the same time, but they both see the writing on the wall they have to fight each other,” Lambert said, speaking with “They have gone their own ways in terms of training as they aren’t training together and I don’t blame them as they will have to potentially fight each other soon.”

Should Covington win his fight with Robbie Lawler this weekend, UFC president Dana White has confirmed he would be the one to next fight welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. If that were to happen, and he were to win, Masvidal could well end up being his first title defense.

While that bridge will be crossed when it comes, Lambert says they’re already forming a plan if it happens.

“We have a big gym and private areas. We would ideally try to get them in there at different times,” he said. “If the training schedules overlap we would assign different coaches and training partners to each guy for their camp. Just do our job and both guys would come in ready.

“I don’t look at those guys any differently. They are both ATT. But, one is going to win and one is going to lose. It is a good problem to have if they fight for the title as it means the gym is doing its job. But, you have a 100 percent chance one of your guy loses. It is a bit of an awkward situation but we have been in it before.”