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Anderson Silva might be on the outs at the moment in terms of his position in mixed martial arts, but the former UFC middleweight champion anticipates that will all be behind him by the time his USADA hearing comes around.

Silva has recently been hit with his second USADA infraction, bringing his sporting legacy into question, as well as putting his career on hold. Throughout proceedings, the Brazilian has continuously maintained his innocence, and continues to do so today.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Silva revealed he was feeling positive about his chances of emerging from this issue without too harsh a punishment, and once again pointed to the idea that he consumed tainted supplements.

“Maybe next month,” Silva said of when he expects a verdict. “Because all my doctor, my lawyer, everything go to collaboration for USADA [to] see everything, and I’m very [excited].”

“Never in my life,” Silva continued when asked about if he’d used steroids. “First of all, because, my body never changed. And sometimes, the problem is you use a different supplement and this is happen. But I’m very confident about my size because I never use steroids in my life”

It is of course, the second time Silva has been in such a spot. The first time, he blamed a contaminated sexual aid for his test failure. On that occasion, he still received a ban, but he hopes to avoid such a ruling this time around.

“The first time, I tried to respond about everything,” Silva said. “And my lawyers failed. It’s not my fault. Because I tried to explain everything, and nothing happened. I’m very [co-operative] with USADA. I’m just waiting,” Silva said. “Because the fight is my life. I’m just waiting for USADA decision, but I’m very [excited] for back.”