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For the second time in his UFC career Conor McGregor is facing an enforced spell on the sidelines and just like his first recovery from a serious knee injury he suffered in 2013, Anderson Silva predicts that Conor McGregor will return stronger than before. 

McGregor remains in recovery from leg surgery he required he suffered a break above his ankle towards the end of the first round of his most recent fight at UFC 264 in July. The Dubliner has since had successful surgery on his limb and has noted several positive developments since, with him recently announcing that he can once again place a percentage of his body weight on his still recovering leg.

And one man who has been in a similar position says that McGregor has all the tools, both physically and mentally, to come back stronger than before.

“It’s a tough moment but Conor has the mental [strength],” said Silva speaking to The Mac Life. “He’s a samurai. I believe Conor [will] come back stronger than the others. I pray for Conor, I pray for Chris Weidman and I believe the guys will be back very soon.”

Silva also referenced the continuing recovery of his former opponent Chris Weidman who also suffered a similar injury this year, while, of course, Silva experienced the very same thing in his second fight with Weidman several years ago.

Check out Anderson’s full comments below: