Al Iaquinta shoots back at Dana White comments

Al Iaquinta shoots back at Dana White comments

It looks like Al Iaquinta is unhappy with the UFC once again.

By Oscar Willis - 6 Jun 2018

Al Iaquinta and the UFC’s relationship has, to say the least, been a combative one over the past few years. And, despite a working together to have Iaquinta fight for the lightweight title at UFC 223, it seems things are back to being less than enthusiastic between the two.

Despite interest shown by Iaquinta for a contest between himself and Justin Gaethje, according to UFC president Dana White, fans won’t be seeing that fight anytime soon. And, White says, that’s because of Iaquinta.

“Yeah that’s a fun fight, but it isn’t going to happen,” White said, speaking on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “Iaquinta is absolutely 100-percent out of that fight.”

“He believes that, I’m pretty sure we just did a new deal with Al Iaquinta and he just got a good pay day against Khabib and he feels like, he has a deal, let me reiterate he has a deal,” White said. “He feels like if he moves up and fights guys higher ranked than him that he should be paid a lot more money. He feels that if he fights guys that a lower ranked than him, then he should make a lot less money.”

Unsurprisingly, Iaquinta took to his social media to respond to the UFC honcho.