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Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller has received a six month suspension from the WBA after failing multiple drug tests ahead of his fight with world boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

Miller tested positive for the performance enhancing drugs Endurobol, EPO and HGH in various VADA tests in the lead up to his fight with Joshua, originally scheduled to take place in New York on June 1. After initially denying any wrongdoing, Miller eventually admitted to using the cocktail of drugs in an attempt to cheat. ESPN first reported the news.

Miller will be withdrawn from the WBA rankings and must register with VADA for random drug testing on his own dime. Upon the completion of his six month suspension, he’ll have to supply those test results to the WBA to be returned to the rankings.

Prior to his test failures, Miller was yet to apply to the New York Athletic Commission for his fight license, meaning the only punishment they could give was a refusal to license, which they did.