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It’s undeniable that a part of the reason the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor bout is so intriguing to fans is the element of boxing against MMA that comes along with it.

Since the fight negotiations have progressed, there have been talks of other boxer vs. MMA star contests taking place on the same card, such as Roy Jones Jr. against Anderson Silva, or UFC light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa facing David Haye (all being boxing fights).

And of course, along with the fantasy match-ups come fantasy production ideas. Whose going to commentate? Whose going to host the show? Whose going to be announce the fighters?

Well while those questions are all yet to be answered, when it comes to the in-ring announcement, long time UFC announcer Bruce Buffer has an idea. He can introduce Conor, while his brother Michael can introduce Floyd.

“I would love to announce with my brother Michael Buffer,” Buffer said, speaking with TMZ. “That would just be an incredible thing to do, and we’d have a blast working together.

“Just like this fight, there’s a chance for everything. If you’d ask me if I’d like to do it, of course I would. It would be amazing.”

Most may not realise that the men behind the catchphrases “it’s time” and “let’s get ready to rumble” are actually related, but the most famous announcers in combat sports are actually half-brothers through their father. Bruce manages Michael, and the two have made an exceptionally successful business together.

While it might seem like something slightly too fantastical to actually take place, Bruce actually points out that there is a precedent for two announcers.

“If you remember Pacquiao and Mayweather,” he said. “My brother Michael Buffer whom I manage, arranged for him to be in the ring and he was there along with Jimmy Lennon Jr. And Jimmy introduced Mayweather and Michael introduced Pacquiao.”