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If Bare Knuckle FC needed a springboard with which to bring their product to a wider audience, they couldn’t have hoped for much more than last night.

In the main event of Bare Knuckle FC 5, ‘The Russian Hammer’ Artem Lobov and hometown favourite Jason Knight traded knuckles for five two-minute rounds in what was a wild back and forth brawl, leaving both fighters a crimson mess and Knight in particular need of the services of an orthodontist.

As promised, neither fighter took a backward step throughout five rounds of action with both fighters having their moments and testing the other’s chin at various points throughout the incredibly high-paced fight. Lobov’s superior movement caused trouble for Knight who, after catching Lobov cold early, found it increasingly difficult to land telling blows on SBG Ireland man.

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Lobov began to underline his supremacy as the fight’s narrative wore on, landing the heavier blows and robbing Knight of his equilibrium with a clubbing blow midway through the fight.

In the end it was Lobov who had his hand raised after knocking his opponent to the canvas on three separate occasions and landed some significant blows to a very game Knight. Further to that, though, the BKFC 5 main event appeared to serve as the organisation’s ‘coming out’ party as word, clips and pictures of what will go down as — to this point at least — the best fight in the company’s history filtered out on social media.

And the reaction was, as you might expect, effusive.