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There are times in life where we all go through a rough patches, when things don’t go our way and we understandably begin to question ourselves. For Thomas Forbes Nolan, that time came with serious anxiety attacks, constant depression and even thoughts of suicide.

And, in those moments where we question ourselves, inspiration to carry on can come from unexpected places. For Nolan, it was a trip to Las Vegas to watch his countryman Conor McGregor defeat Jose Aldo and become a world champion.

“How Conor McGregor held himself, how he spoke, his mental state and how he truly had that self-belief was something I took notes on,” Nolan said. “Was something that I watched deeply and started to say ‘well, if he can think like that, why can’t I?'”

After that, Nolan returned home and went back to the gym — ignoring his own insecurities and pushing forward to feel better about himself and to become a healthier man, eventually losing over a hundred pounds in weight.

Check out his journey below: