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Conor McGregor has engaged in several acts of philanthropy in recent months, and appears set to continue his support to another Ireland’s most respected charitable causes.

Recently, McGregor has written cheques to support Irish healthcare workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic as well as donating funds to several other causes — including his prolonged support for first responders, which has seen him (via his Proper No. Twelve channels) donate millions to assist those who make great impacts in various communities.

The latest such endeavour revolves around the Irish Wheelchair Association and a charity event they have planned for later this year. The group have sought to pair McGregor against Irish comedian and impressionist Al Foran, who has garnered a large online following due to his social media impersonations of the Dubliner.

And if McGregor wants to get his hands on the comedic imposter, it looks as if he will get that chance later this year in a so-called ‘wheelchair boxing event’.

McGregor has said online that he supports the charity and will gladly donate his time to help, but asked that his attendance at the event be delayed while he recovers from the leg injury he sustained recently in Las Vegas.

Give me time guys, I’m in!” wrote McGregor.  “Just need to focus on this recovery for the next while first before I can commit to a date! Have some cool things planned for event tho!

“Guys, the September date is too early for me.,” he added. “I am still in recovery. My docs/physical therapy team out here advice me to stay. I reckon late October at earliest. But maybe November/December too. It is hard to say at this time a concrete date. But I’m in! Wait for me please!”