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The not insignificant influence of Conor McGregor has been felt in a whole lot more spheres than just his own. McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, has already made waves in the world of movies and video games. He has flirted with the world of professional wrestling long before Ronda Rousey began her journey to Wrestlemania. Now it seems that McGregor is making an impact in the world of US politics.

The United States government, or several members of the Trump administration and campaign, are currently embroiled in an investigation to determine if any nefarious activities helped Donald Trump claim the presidency, and if there was any collusion between Trump officials and the Kremlin to do so.

“Can you report this?” author McKay Coppins wrote. “You have to report this: The champ champ does whatever the fuck he wants.”

Robert Mueller, a former Director of the FBI, is leading a Special Counsel investigation whose task it is to unearth any and all illicit activities (if any) undertaken by Trump and his associates. Now, Mueller has been issuing subpoenas to various officials connected to Trump either directly or indirectly which have led to criminal proceedings in many cases.

Sam Nunberg though, he’s taken another route.

Nunberg, a former aide to President Trump, on Monday resisted Mueller’s advances to testify before a grand jury and, as he told The Atlantic in an article published today, he did so while borrowing one of Conor McGregor’s more famous phrases.

“Can you report this?” author McKay Coppins wrote. “You have to report this: The champ champ does whatever the fuck he wants.”

MMA fans will recognise that as a slightly rejigged version of McGregor’s comments to Joe Rogan post UFC 205 victory against Eddie Alvarez, however in this case that comes with the distinct caveat that McGregor wasn’t being aggressively pursued by a former FBI director.

It is also interesting to note that after all of Nunberg’s media-friendly outbursts yesterday, he has been distinctly more quiet today and no-showed an appearance on CNN earlier today indicating that he has been gagged by somebody or other.

So, in this particular case, it seems like Sam Nunberg can’t do exactly whatever the fuck he wants.