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Just a few days removed from his 30th birthday, Forbes has revealed Conor McGregor as one of the world’s most highly paid celebrities.

McGregor is the fourth-placed sportsman on the list — a position which would likely have improved had McGregor competed for the interim welterweight title earlier this year, but talks to do so proved unsuccessful.

However, despite not competing since August of 2017 McGregor still finished ahead of the likes of Neymar and Lebron James.

The top 20 can be seen below:

  1. Floyd Mayweather
  2. George Clooney
  3. Kylie Jenner
  4. Judge Judy Sheindlin
  5. Dwayne Johnson
  6. U2
  7. Coldplay
  8. Lionel Messi
  9. Ed Sheeran
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo
  11. Bruno Mars
  12. Conor McGregor
  13. Neymar
  14. Howard Stern
  15. Ellen Degeneres
  16. James Patterson
  17. LeBron James
  18. Rush Limbaugh
  19. Katy Perry
  20. Robert Downey Jnr.

More information, along with the entire list, can be found here.