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Conor McGregor has again iterated his desire for a second boxing match with Floyd Mayweather after his efforts in their August 2017 first fight were lauded by former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Speaking on his Hotboxin’ podcast recently, Tyson detailed his admiration for McGregor’s performance in the contest dubbed ‘The Money Fight’. Many ringside analysts credited McGregor’s performance in what was his professional boxing debut, with several awarding McGregor the first four rounds on their unofficial scorecards.

It wasn’t until the later rounds of the fight — in which McGregor said he turned Mayweather ‘into a Mexican’ — in which Mayweather altered his style and took victory in the tenth round. However, and in contrast to boxing analysts who suggested McGreogor “wouldn’t land a glove” on Maywyeather, the Dubliner scored with 111 punches throughout the fight; a number which exceeds many opponents of Mayweather’s latter career.

“He’s never really had a boxing match in his life, right? He went ten rounds with the greatest boxer in the land, in 100 years of boxing,” said Tyson. “You’re not listening to me! You don’t understand what I’m saying. He went ten rounds, scored punches on the greatest fighter in the last 20, 100 years.

“Imagine a guy who’s never had a boxing match and he’s fighting me? He goes ten rounds and we’re fighting? ‘We’re fighting and I’m doing my thing. We go ten rounds, that’s a bad motherfucker. Ten rounds with the best champ? That’s the winner there.”

And all of this recent McGregor-Mayweather talk seems to have drummed up some interest within McGregor himself, who took to Twitter to say that he had recently rewatched the initial fight — and that he’s looking forward to its sequel.

“It was a great contest, just watched it back!” McGregor wrote. “Early rounds all mine, and even later rounds when legs where gone, I still outlanded him. I received my credit from many notable names in the boxing world, which I was thankful for. None more so than from Mike. Excited for part 2.”

Whether or not a second fight can or will be arranged remains to be seen, but prizefighting often boils down to one core element: if it makes dollars, it makes sense.

In this current landscape of sports, there aren’t many as potentially lucrative as this one.