Conor McGregor rented out an entire theme park for his family and friends

Conor McGregor rented out an entire theme park for his family and friends

The UFC lightweight champion took his friends and family to one of Dublin’s most famous institutions.

By John Balfe - 9 Jan 2018

Being a combat sports world champion and one of the most famous figures in your native country can have its perks.

On Monday, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, along with his family and a host of friends and training partners, rented out the Dublin theme park ‘Funderland’ for the day — yes, the entire theme park.

‘Funderland’, a Dublin institution around this time of the year, is situated in the Royal Dublin Society and has been a fixture for families in Ireland’s capital city for more than four decades, but rarely does it get a visitor as notorious as this. Kids of all ages brave the cold — and it is cold in the truest sense of the word in Dublin at this time of year — to ride the waltzer, or brave the rollercoaster, all while attempting to keep the copious amounts of popcorn and candyfloss you consume from exiting your system and spilling onto the floor after some of the more vomit-inducing rides.

Writing on Instagram, McGregor said: “I opened up funderland tonight, for my family and friends to have fun on this fresh January Monday. The Monday blues are just a day and a colour.”

While there, McGregor also went into detail about a touching story involving a son of one of his SBG training partners and a children’s hospital in McGregor’s native Crumlin, something which remains close to the Irishman’s heart.


Great to meet this little man tonight. My training partner Ciaran Maher, his son and his wife. Ciaran’s son was a patient in the cardiac department in Our Ladies hospital before. I went in one day on the low a while back and visited all the patients and helped out in my way for the department, and nobody knew about it, I made sure of it, but Ciaran reached out to me out of nowhere thanking me for it and I was like how do you know about that and was blown away as he told me of his son and his journey and that his life was saved by the people in the cardiac department in Our ladies. I done this on the low and it reached right back close to me out of nowhere. Crazy. It’s crazy how you just never know. I invited the little champion, my brother Ciaran and his wife today and it was great to meet the little man, thank you for coming.

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