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Conor McGregor has been a vocal proponent of public health amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic continuing to affect every corner of the globe. 

The Dubliner had previously outlined a significant donation of badly-needed medical supplies to Ireland’s frontline healthcare workers, many of whom who are placed in daily danger as they fight the spread of the potentially deadly virus. Following on from that initial donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), McGregor has once again supplied an Irish hospital with additional equipment.

As Doug Leddin notes on Twitter, a further 20,000 gloves, 8,500 FFP2 masks and 2,000 visors have arrived at Mercy University Hospital in Cork.

In addition, McGregor has called for clarity in relation to the current lockdown status in his homeland. At the moment, Irish people have been asked to limit their trips outside of the house and to stay within a 2 kilometre radius of their homes when exercising — and McGregor has called on the government to relax the 2k radius but to maintain a strict control of people congregating in groups.

‘Release the 2km restriction May 5th. Keep enforcement tight on any and all congregated groups’, he posted to Twitter.

‘[Reopen] all businesses that can operate under new safety measures. Which is most. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Only so long our hands can be held before we must go it solo’, he added.