TheMacLife Style :: How to Correctly Use a Pocket Square

TheMacLife Style :: How to Correctly Use a Pocket Square

Want to incorporate a pocket square into your look? Here’s how.

By The Mac Life Style - 27 Aug 2018

A pocket square can be the tiny addition that makes the difference between someone complimenting your look and not.

An easy touch, pocket squares add to the colour and patterns of your jacket, while complimenting the other accessories worn. Still, just because it’s an easy thing to incorporate, doesn’t mean it’s not hard to get it wrong. Material, colour and presentation all matter with a pocket square.

Here are the different types of folds, courtesy of GQ and The Idle Man, you can start throwing into your breast pocket to add a bit of flourish to your look:

Square: Your basic, and most simple pocket square. It might not pack as much flair as some of the other styles you see, but has uses where the more flamboyant looks don’t. In a professional setting or at a black tie event, a simple white square can be the accessory to set your outfit apart — without calling attention to it.

One Corner: Again, simple but effective. The one corner tip is the versatile choice for pocket square wear, and can be used with virtually any outfit and any style of suit. Colour scheme does come into play, however, and if you’re going for white it might be better sticking to the square.

Two Tip: Now we’re getting fancy. This one might be harder to get right, but once it’s perched correctly, it can make your suit or jacket stand out far more. As opposed to the two styles described above, the two tip is a more for a casual look.

Puff: And here is the most casual style of all described. Don’t try pulling this off at work, but for nights out, it’s an easy addition to a decent jacket. Try and go for a nice fabric, such as silk or wool, and spice it up with a decent choice of patterns.