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You don’t have to be a gym rat in order to get the physique you are chasing. 

Contrary to conventional wisdom which suggests that the sculpted physique you desire can only be obtained by countless hours’ spent grinding and sweating in your local fitness centre, some fitness experts say that you can achieve your goals in as little as three ten-minute sessions per week.

A slow-paced, 90 minute session will have its benefits to be sure but studies have implied that the same results can be achieved in just 10 minutes of high intensity, high impact training. Former rugby player Adam McDougal says that anybody who avoids the gym because they don’t have sufficient time is, for the most part, lying to themselves.

“The one thing I hear more than anything else is that someone doesn’t have time for exercise, so let me blow that argument right out of the water,” he said.

“Research has proven that just 60 seconds of high-intensity training can be as beneficial as up to 50 minutes of cardio. Professor Martin Gibala’s research found that 10 minutes of interval training (in which you’re only working hard for one minute) three times a week produced the same results as 150 minutes of traditional exercise.”

Now, everyone’s body is different so there isn’t exactly a definitive strategy to follow so long as you adhere to its basic principles. Fitness expert Drew Harrisberg says that as little as seven minutes per day can make drastic improvements to your overall fitness and strength and should be centred around workouts that you actually find pleasurable.

“Working out should be enjoyable,” Harrisberg explains. “The thought of signing up for a boot camp to have a biggest-loser-style trainer yelling in your face in an attempt to instill fear, pain, and suffering just doesn’t seem very effective.”

We can’t argue with that.